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Bounce Back from Burnout

Stop Burnout in its Tracks! An Online Course for Academics

Next round of BBfB is starting on Sunday 30 January 2022!
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Are you at risk of burnout?

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Are you a "high achiever"?
do you want to boost your confidence, wellbeing, and productivity? 

Here is what we can do together:


Achieve unshakable inner confidence by saying NO to:
- Low self-confidence
- Imposter syndrome
- Self-doubt
- Lack of assertiveness
- Lack of creativity


Be well and never lose sight of "your big why" by beating:
- Stress
- Burn-out
- Exhaustion
- Loneliness
- Isolation


Achieve effortless productivity by not getting trapped in:
- Perfectionism
- Procrastination
- Lost in details
- Avoiding the important things
- "Not enough time"

You do not have to struggle alone!

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Free Resource:

Self-care Guide for Wellbeing

This guide is for you if you are

  • confused about what "self-care" means
  • looking for more inspiration about self-care practices
  • curious about the types of self-care practices
  • looking for ways to improve your wellbeing but don't know where to start